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Here are the main points to sell your house without any problem:

Urban planning, juridical and comparative analysis of the property for an objective estimation of its value (we deal with the municipal technicians, we carry out cadastral cadastral and mortgage, research acts at Notarial Archives, analysis of the technical standards of the plans of Local government for any building practices, knowledge of real estate law);

Home Staging (tips you how to show your property at its best)

Detailed presentation of the property ( specific descriptive brochure for each property, complete documentation and photo service) for an accurate information to the potential buyers

Property advertising, highlighting its main positive points, on the best Italian portals (,,,, and a large number of free portals) and foreign (,,,, in addition to the agency's website, to its Facebook page, social channels and promotion to customers following the agency

Detailed reports of the visits made and analysis of the feedback obtained from customers reviews

Legal assistance during negotiation, drawing purchase proposals and registration of preliminary contracts, setting out all the needed papers for the sale notary deed (we bring the seller from the notary and follow the whole practice).

Services for the buyer

Experience taught us to be more consultants than sellers.

Our first step is to listen, to understand your needs and, if you allow us, to give you some advices

We shorten the time of your real estate search:

A group of agents always looking for real estate;

Targeted research carried out on the territory (we know how to move thanks to a thorough knowledge of the surroundings);

We employ a network of informers tested out over the years;

Purchase without surprises:

We carry out a thorough survey with cadastral and property surveyy to avoid unlucky surprises.

We only acquire assignments from economically standing and non-shaky owners (we have the skills to do conservatoria checks, to avoid inappropriate inscriptions, and in the Chamber of Commerce, through protests research and, in the case of companies, analysis of the registered budgets sheets );

We check the condominium budgets, in order to avoid unpaid expenses;

Our contracts are the result of years of experience and our legal competence, and has passed the scrutiny of notaries, lawyers and accountants;

Continuous legal assistance and advice:

In the negotiation, we use contracts with specific legal clauses approved by real estate practice and by leading professionals in the sector (lawyers, notaries and accountants);

We treat all forms and document preparation to arrive at the notarial deed;

We interface with all the other professional figures who can be involved in the sale, municipal technicians, notary studies, lawyers, curators and condominium administrators (our service ends at deed and not at the simple agreement Contract between the parties);

We can advise you financial brokers for your mortgage, immediately making clear the feasibility of the practice and its cost.

Services to buy house at auction

Our services are articulated in this way:

Careful reading of auction calls and appraisals;

Cadastral and mortgage checking out of the data reported (it happens to find inaccuracies in the appraisals);

Check in place of the conditions of the property and its circumstances (evaluation of the area, what type of dwellings there are around and possible urban developments);

Urban verification, property conformity to building concessions (in order to find out unauthorized building), the existence of the habitability certificate;

Verification of the condominium, in economic terms (condominium balance sheet, assessment of the arrears to be paid and extraordinary expenses to be sustained), and analysis of the neighbourhood;

Complete computation of every cost of conveying the right property, kind of indirect taxes (registration tax rather than I.V.A.), notarial fees, reimbursement of notarial fees, charges for cancellations of injurious inscriptions (voluntary and judicial mortgages ), costs of reimbursement of the auction notice;

Organisation of visits with the judicial guardian;

Assessment about how long it will take to have the house delivered (deadline for transcription of the decree of transfer of the Court and, in case of a property occupied, how long it's expected to receive the house free of any person).

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