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ROE 'VOLCIANO - on the border with Salò - agricultural land of 13,589 square meters, planted with 400 productive adult olive trees, vineyards and fruit trees, with source and stream. Equipped with stacked tool shed. In a private position. Annual production of about fifty quintals of olives.

Euro: 310,000.00

In the splendid hamlet of Roè Volciano, on the border with the municipality of Salò and a short distance from Lake Garda, an agricultural land is sold with a prevalence of olive groves. The area faces south east, in a very quiet position and surrounded by other agricultural areas. It is easily accessible with a final stretch of dirt road. The main area is flat for an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters and planted with about 400 adult olive trees, mostly of the Casaliva variety, native to Lake Garda. The remaining part is cultivated with fruit trees (peaches, hazelnuts, pomegranates) and vineyards with a production of about 15 quintals of grapes. Inside the land we find a truffle ground, a source of water and a stream. The property includes a regularly stacked tool shed.

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Monteverdi , Roè Volciano (BS)

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